7 Ways to Grow your YouTube Channel(Fast)

I’m gonna show you ,How to grow youtube Channel? & Also, How to start a successful YouTube channel and grow it in record time? In fact these are the same exact steps I used to  grow my channel in a Limited Time. I’m going to show you my step-by-step action plan for growing a YouTube channel including lots of real-life case studies and examples.

grow youtube channel

 When I first launched my YouTube channel a couple of years ago I struggled big-time despite publishing lots of great videos. My views barely budged. It was really frustrating. 

Flash forward to today and my channel consistently gets hundreds of thousands of views and around 8,000 people subscribe to my channel every month my secret I tested everything that way I could figure out what advice actually worked and what didn’t and I put everything that worked for me into a simple step-by-step process and that’s the process I’m about to share with you so let’s dive right in with the First Step :-

      Make a pro channel page(Its necessary for grow youtube Channel)

My first channel page looks Very Dirty. In fact my ugly channel page was one of the main reasons that I struggle to turn viewers into subscribers. Today my channel page is super Pro and because my channel page looks professional a good chunk of the people that visit my page hit that subscribe button. So,

     How do you create a professional channel page?

 First of all, write a thorough About tab description when someone’s on the fence about subscribing to your channel. What do they do? They click on your About tab to learn more about you and if you’re about description looks like this they’re gonna say nah” I’m good” that’s why you want to write a detailed about page description that lets people know

  •   Who is your channel for?
  •   What types of videos do you put out?
  •    when you upload new videos ?

 and anything else that would make someone want to smash the subscribe button. Like my mom always told me you never get a second chance to make a first impression. And Let’s Move on Second Step:-

  Make a Professional Channel Art

Channel art is the first thing that someone sees when they visit your page. So, it needs to look great. Now if you don’t know how to use Photoshop, You can use an easy tool like Canva, Snappa or PicsArt (Mobile App) to make a nice channel art banner. last up we have:-

         Your channel icon

Did you know that your channel icon shows up and more places in YouTube than anything else it’s true, your channel icon appears on :-

  •  watch pages
  •  searches
  •   All its community tabs
  •    subscriptions
  •    Video comments
  •   feature channels
  •   And related channels

And more in fact for lots of people your icon will be the first thing they see from your channel before they visit your page for example when you leave a comment on a video your channel icon shows up right next to it so make sure your channel icon looks nice and clear.

Then move on to our next step-which is to:-

 Find three keywords

it’s no secret that SEO is huge ,you can have the best video ever made best video ever done but if no one

on YouTube can find it it’s not going to get any views in fact a big reason that my own channel finally found success was that I started to rank in YouTube for popular keywords. These YouTube rankings have directly led to millions of views now I’ll show you exactly how to optimize your videos in a minute but before we get into that you need to find some key words specifically keywords that lots of people are searching for on YouTube. So,

   how do you find them?

It’s actually pretty easy ,use “YouTube’s autocomplete” you might have noticed that when you search for something on YouTube it suggests keywords for you. This feature is called autocomplete.The great thing about autocomplete is that it only suggests popular keywords in other words YouTube is literally telling you these are terms that lots of people use to find videos on YouTube. For example let’s say you wanted to make a video about “Mobile” ,well when you type mobile into YouTube you can see below that it suggests a handful of key words related to that term and these suggested keywords are perfect to optimize your videos around with that.


 Let’s move on to step number three:-

  optimize and plan your videos

Real talk most people struggle on YouTube because they don’t plan their videos instead ,they turn on their camera and freestyle but if you take a look at some of the most successful channels on YouTube ,you’ll notice that they all plan their videos ahead of time. Now the Question Is,

 Why is this important?

 Well put yourself in the shoes of someone that’s watching videos on YouTube and whether you’re on YouTube to ,learn or to be entertained.You probably have a very short attention span Plus YouTube is suggesting cute cat videos left and right so if the video you’re watching isn’t super engaging you’re gonna click away and when someone’s rambling and tripping over their words you’re gonna say next in today’s video you’re in this video you’re in today’s video you might in this video you’re so unless you’re an absolute natural on camera.I recommend using an outline or script personally I use the script it has every single line written out plus notes but you can also use a loose outline that way you have some room to improvise either way works. Bottom line plan out your videos ahead of time with a detailed outline or a word-for-word script.

Let’s move right into step number 4:-

  Optimize your videos for SEO

Like I mentioned earlier SEO is one of the main reasons that my channel has grown so quickly over the last year so now that you’ve found a popular keyword and filmed a great video using an outline or script it’s time to optimize it. Here’s how to first include the keyword that you found earlier in your title YouTube puts a ton of weight on terms that appear in your video title. So,make sure to include your exact  for word keyword here.

Simply, next use your keyword two to three times in your description.

 there’s no need to over think this stuff. Just sprinkle in your keyword a few times where it makes sense. Finally,

 use keyword rich tags

When it comes to tags,I like to keep things really simple. I include my main keyword as the first tag then I use a handful of other tags that describe what my video is all about. That’s all there is to it.

 and now it’s time for step number five:-

 Get more comments

My team and I recently analyzed 1.3 million YouTube videos to figure out. why certain videos ranked higher than others and one finding that surprised a lot of people was that videos with a lot of comments tend to outrank videos that don’t get a lot of comments in other words when your video gets a lot of comments ,YouTube says “This video is engaging our viewers” and they’re going to give it a ranking boost.

The question is how do you get more comments on your videos:-Here are three simple tips that work great.

  •  First give people multiple choice questions in your video.

most youtubers ask their viewers something like this yeah that can work okay instead give people something super specific that they can comment on.For example,In this blog  I will ask people which technique from this content they’re going to use first. They can literally comment with one to two words and that’s one of the reasons that this video has so many comments. Next,

 use a pinned comment:-Here’s, where you ask your viewers a question in the comment section and then you pin it, so it stays at the top .finally reply to as many comments as you can.The fact is most youtubers never reply to comments which means you instantly stand out when you do and if your channel is brand new ,

there’s really no excuse not to reply to every single comment that comes in in fact I reply to pretty much every comment that comes in within the first 24  hours of a new video going live not only does this lead to more people commenting but it also directly leads to more subscribers speaking of Suscribers.

 It’s time for our next step, stepnumber6

Get more subscribers

So, how do you get your first thousand subscribers? and how do you go from a thousand to a hundred thousand? and more here are two quick strategies that are working really well. Right now,

  •  First focus a hundred percent on quality not quantity .

Here’s the deal a lot of so-called YouTube experts tell you that you need to publish lots of videos all the time but it’s simply not true . The fact is they’re over 400 hours of videos published on YouTube every minute.so the world doesn’t need more mediocre videos it needs more awesome videos .For example ,I grew my channel to over a hundred thousand subscribers with only 20 total videos and it only took seven more videos to get to 200 thousand subscribers .

No one cares how often you publish just that the videos you do publish are awesome you also want to optimize your end screen for subscribers as you probably know your end screen is the screen that pops up at the end of every video on YouTube. And it’s one of the easiest ways to get more subscribers. Why is that when you think about it someone just finished watching an entire video from your channel which means they’re primed to subscribe. 

That’s why I recommend using a big subscribe button on your end screen that way people can easily subscribe from inside of your video pretty cool.

And Now it’s time for our last step step 7:-

Increase session time

Now ,that your channel is starting to get some traction it’s time to take things to the next level. Specifically it’s time to start focusing on session time.

So, what is session time? and why is it important? Session time is how long someone spends on YouTube after they start watching one of your videos. and I should point something out. Such as time is a little bit different than audience retention and watch time. Those two metrics are how long someone spends watching one video?

Session time Is different session time measures the amount

of time that someone spends on the YouTube platform as a whole and YouTube has stated on the record that session time is super important. According to YouTube, the longer you can keep people watching on YouTube because of your content the more your content may get surfaced.

 The question is “how do you maximize your session time”? first use the next video in your end screen.

I already mentioned that you want to add a big old subscribe button on your end screen but you also want to link to one of your other videos here too .

As a quick pro tip, Use the next video that someone would want to watch after they finish the video they’re watching.For example:- I have a video on my channel that shows people how to get more views what would someone that just finished watching that video want to see next a video on how to turn those viewers into subscribers.

So, featured a video on getting more subscribers in my end screen next use a special type of playlist format that I call power playlists as you might already know.

playlists are one of the easiest ways to boost your channel session time that’s because playlists automatically play one video after another which keeps people on YouTube so what our power playlist exactly they’re basically the same as regular playlists with a cool name.Just kidding the difference is this instead of organizing a playlist around topics with power playlist you organize them around outcomes and benefits.

for example, let’s say you have a bunch of videos in your channel about healthy desserts . Most people would name their playlist  something like “healthy dessert recipes “and there’s nothing wrong with that title but it’s not going to push people to watch every single video on that playlist.

Enter power playlists with power playlist you organize your video around a specific outcome that your viewers want.

So instead of organizing or videos around healthy dessert recipes you just collect a batch of like 4 to 5videos that will help your viewer lose weight without cutting out dessert then name your playlist with a benefit oriented title for example I have a bunch of videos on my channel that show people how to rank in Google so I put those videos into a playlist and call edit “how to get higher Google rankings “simple before we close out this video I’ve got a quick bonus strategy for you.

YouTube studio hacking the YouTube studio is one of the best ways to take your channel to the next level to be clear if your channel is brand new the YouTube studio isn’t gonna be that useful for you that’s why I only recommend using this technique after you get a few hundred subscribers under your belt so if you’re new to YouTube I recommend sticking to the other techniques that I tell you in this blog with that here’s how this strategy works.

first look at your videos top traffic sources the traffic sources report tells you where your views and watch time are coming from and it’s an absolute goldmine here’s exactly how to use this information to get more views first you can double down on what’s already working.

Now It’s Your Turn

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