After Becoming Successful In India Mobile Telecom Sector.Finally Jio Has Announced that he is taking his foot in Indian E-Commerce Industry as a name of “Jio Mart”.

But Many People are Still Curious to Know about It.Let’s Find Out the Full Detail!


Chairman of Reliance jio Industry & India’s Richest Man “Mukesh Ambani” Officially Announced on April 26,2020 about Jio Mart.It’s Official site is also Launched & its services & App will be Launching Soon.

What is JioMart?

It will be Like E-commerce Stores Like Amazon,Flipkart etc.It will be Launching Soon.(As mentioned in its Official Site).Simply,You can order products that you want,as your order in Flipkart & Amazon as well.

After,Launching its app,You can easily place your Order through the App.And the delivery Boy will deliver your product as soon as possible.

Its Officially Launched But not globally.It’s only Launched in Navi-Mumbai,Thane and Kalyan.It is officially Confirmed that it will expand in other Indian Cities & States by Upcoming Month. If you are Mumbai,India.I think You know about it.

How do you use Jio Mart?

It will be clarify only after the launching of Jio Mart app , Because there were no leakes about it.We don’t have have any basis to tell you that “How do you use Jio mart”

Jio mart jobs

It’s too similar with the Amazon Jobs . It’s also Expected that Jio will also launch it’s Affiliate Program along with Jio Mart.

Let’s tell you more About this!

As you all know about Amazon Associate.In,Amazon Affiliate,what we have to do?

We just recommend the amazon product to our Relatives,Friend & any other social Handles.If anyone purchased Your Product ,then amazon will Pay you.

Not only on Amazon but In every site affiliate program is the same.You just have to sell the brands products to earn your Commission.Exactly,the Jio Mart Affiliate Program will work the same.

Process to Earn From Jio Mart

  • Become It’s Affiliate Partner after the launching of its Affiliate site.
  • Then,Choose the Product you want to recommend or sell to your Social Handles ,Friends & Relatives.
  • Share that Product
  • If your Suggested Product will buy someone.You will get commission that you can directly transfer it to your Bank Account. 

It’s a total chain of Earning from the Jio Mart.

How to Order Products From Jio Mart?

There is no any Official website or app to order Products but if you are Mumbai,India then 

This is the Process of Ordering Product:-

  • Whatsapp your Pin Code on this Number(8850008000)
  • Directly,Send your Pincode of your No.
  • Then,they give you a URL for ordering products you want.
  • then,Click on that link and order the product you want.
  • But,There is only a limited product at this moment.

Pros & Cons of Jio Mart


  • You Can order directly from your Whatsapp.
  • Your order will be delivered within 2 Days.


  • You can’t Cancel your order once you place it.
  • You can’t get your order in your home.You have to go & take the order to the nearest or registered Kirana stores.

This is the biggest drawback because sometimes we order some wrong products by mistake but you can’t cancel it.

Jio Mart have to give the freedom for ordering or cancelling the placed ordered anywhere & anytime to become succeed in the ecommerce market.

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